Dr. Abigail Drucker , MD

Dr. Abigail Drucker, MD for Hemorrhoid Centers AmericaDr. Abby Drucker is the Medical Director of Hemorrhoid Centers of America – Iowa.  Dr. Druker treats only female patients.

Hemorrhoid Centers of America (HCA) are the largest and most successful centers in the country devoted to the non-operative treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Dr. Drucker is pleased to bring the HCA non-surgical treatment to Iowa. Each year HCA helps thousands of patients avoid painful surgery. Many of our patients had been told surgery was their only option. At HCA we will help you find the relief you deserve without surgery.

Dr. Drucker is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. She is an expert in pelvic floor problems and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Drucker is an expert in the non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. You can quickly get the relief you deserve through the use of custom compounds and the CRH O’Regan Ligation system. Our device allows Dr. Drucker to cure your hemorrhoids in the office without the cost of hospitalization or the need for anesthesia. You can drive yourself to the appointment and most of the time return to work the same day.

Dr. Drucker is a gynecologist in Spencer, Iowa. She also has offices in Spirit Lake, Iowa and Estherville, Iowa. Her practice centers on both office-based and surgical care for women of all ages.

She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas, medical degree from the University of Nebraska as well as residency training from Creighton University. Following residency she completed a pelvic surgery fellowship in Oak Lawn, IL to further her ability to care for women with prolapse and incontinence. Dr. Drucker embraces technology that promotes safe and efficient minimally invasive surgery in women. The robotic tools have allowed her to  offer Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy as a minimally invasive surgery to women with advanced and recurrent prolapse. Many patients have associated anorectal conditions that can now be treated with the HCA methods that provide hemorrhoid and fissure relief without surgery.

You can reach her office at (712) 262-6320 or request an appointment online by filling out the form on the right.