1. How To Get Rid of Hemorrhoids?

The best way to get rid of hemorrhoids is rubber band ligation with a disposable bander that uses gentle suction. The multiple and sometimes expensive creams, ointments, suppositories, or pills provide some temporary relief at best. Fiber, water, lubrication, topical steroids, topical analgesics have been used for many years with minimal success. Modern prescription ointments that contain smooth muscle relaxers and analgesics are the most effective medication for temporary relief.


  1. What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid enlargement is due to inherited weak rectal connective tissue and straining.


  1. How Do You Get Hemorrhoids?

We all have hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids may enlarge and cause pain, bleeding, itching, and swelling due to inherited weak connective tissue and straining. Over time the hemorrhoids may protrude outside the anus. Constipation, diarrhea, core exercising, prolonged sitting or standing, pregnancy, and air travel are some of the aggravating factors.


  1. What Is Good For Hemorrhoids?

Prescription Nitroglycerine, Nifedipine, or Diltiazem combined with topical analgesics are best for temporary relief. Fiber, stool softeners, or Miralax is used for constipation. Rubber band ligation is the preferred treatment.


  1. How To Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast?

Surgery is the fastest way to get rid of hemorrhoids. Surgery is painful, disabling, complicated, and expensive. The fastest ointments for relief contain Nitroglycerine, Nifedipine, or Diltiazem combined with Lidocaine.


  1. What Causes Rectal Bleeding?

Hemorrhoids are the most common cause of bright red bleeding that may be located on the tissue, stool, or into the water. If there is an associated sharp or burning pain there may be an associated anal fissure or tear. Diverticulosis, Colitis, arteriovenous malformations, or Cancer of the anus, rectum, or colon may also cause rectal bleeding. It is not safe to assume rectal bleeding is due to hemorrhoids.


  1. How Can I Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids?

External hemorrhoids are treated with banding the internal hemorrhoids and then removing the external tissue in the office under local anesthesia.


  1. Does Rubber Band Ligation Hurt?

No. Topical analgesics and smooth muscle relaxers are use prior to the banding. It is a quick procedure that leaves a slight pressure feeling for one day. Most people return to work the same day.


  1. Do I Need Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is the best way to screen for colon polyps and cancer. It is indicated for most people with unexplained rectal bleeding particularly for those over the age of 40. This age is moving lower because colon cancer is occurring in younger people now. It is not safe to presume your rectal bleeding is due to hemorrhoids. See a specialist.


  1. How Do I Get Rid of Hemorrhoids At Home?

You can try soaking in a tub, laxatives, topical Lidocaine and steroids, antifungal creams for rash and itching, OTC pain relievers, and rest. Do not try and ligate your own hemorrhoids or cut or puncture them in anyway. See a specialist in non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment to make sure of the diagnosis and get you the relief you deserve.